transplanar rpg

We are an all-transgender, POC-led, D&D 5e livestream set in a homebrew non-colonial, anti-orientalist world based on AAPI mythologies.

We stream Saturdays at 7pm CT on Twitch.
Podcast episodes drop Tuesdays on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

About Transplanar!

When the stars vanish, the gods disappear, and strange monsters start spawning in the dark, four strangers must come together to restore balance to Andake.

Transplanar's main campaign, THE SECOND STRANGER, follows four broken heroes in their attempts to mend a broken world full of broken gods. They grapple with destiny, a world-rending apocalypse, and dark cults conspiring in the shadows of fate.

Our heroes are:
ØKA HYYE (they/them), an aasimar bloodhunter with a bad attitude and a troubled past;
MANAIA WAIRUA (she/her), a half-orc fighter with a nose for doing the right thing;
VEE NAUCHTSCHERZO (she/her), an elf sorcerer and a notorious conwoman;
DEWEY QUURK (he/him), an aarakocra artificer and disgraced scientist on the run;
CITLALLI (they/she), a changeling cleric who’s done nothing wrong in their whole life;
GENTLE (they/them), a triton monk with a penchant for tea and doing the right thing;
JARAN KADER (they/he), a dragonborn rogue with horrible taste in romantic partners;
and ABIKU ISHTAR (she/her), a reborn goliath ranger with an unknown past and future.

Our story begins on Eidolon, the celebration of the new year in Andake when the veils between the Now, the After, and the Beyond grow thin. Four strangers converge upon Fireroot Farm seeking the legendary adventurer Dalapathi Sayyid. A couple thousand miles away, the Hounds of Mercy take respite in the Commune of Moroz, waiting for a friend. Farther south; a woman wakes up.

But before anyone can go any further: the world ends.

The stars disappear. The Eight Gods are cut out of the world like loose threads, Andake's connection to the After and the Beyond severed beyond belief. New monsters crawl out of the void left in the starless dark, devouring everything in their paths. The Weave splinters as magic bleeds out into the ether.

Fate weaves our heroes toward a destiny they never asked for.

Gods grow hungry.

The Stranger prepares for war.

Tune in Saturdays at 7pm CT on Twitch for new episodes.

Our Mission!

Transplanar, and our homebrew world of Andake, is centered on complex and thoughtful self-representation. Recognition is power, and isolation has long been a tool of oppression. We make space for ourselves onscreen and create meaningful dialogue and choices that challenge the colonialist, oppressive pillars of the mainstream fantasy genre. Transplanar is focused on sharing stories that are inherently trans and rooted in anti-oppressive thinking.

We pride ourselves on building worlds, portraying characters, and telling stories that are dynamic, compelling, and entertaining to watch. We understand that the heart of our work lies in crafting important, potent, interesting stories, centered in a marginalized experience. Our episodes are full of action, adventure, and heartbreaking choices, all of which are set in a world where non-western cultures are the norm, colonialism and racism don't exist, and transgender, Black and Brown, queer, disabled, and marginalized people are the heroes, the common-folk, and the powerful, expansive, fully dimensional inhabitants of the world.

While the forces of real-world historical oppressions such as homophobia, racism, colonialism, transphobia, ableism, and the like do not exist in our campaign or homebrew world, our main story still centers on conflict and the forces of a great apocalypse. We challenge the typical "hero's story" that is often found in mainstream fantasy media, basing the very core of our story on broken people, chosen by broken gods, in a broken world.

Meet the Cast!

Connie Chang (they/he/she) is our Game Master, executive producer, and a rising star on the TTRPG scene! They are a queer, 1.5-generation Chinese-American screenwriter and poet, the primary engine behind Transplanar RPG's content creation and management, and the creative director behind the series. After cutting his teeth on twelve years of performing improv comedy, Connie is now transitioning into being a full-time TTRPG writer, designer, player, and GM. She is proud to be one of Magpie Games' most popular professional GMs, with her online tables selling out within minutes of going live. They're also proud to have been invited to GM streamed games with powerhouses such as Aabria Iyengar, Krystina Arielle, Critical Bard, Gabe James Games, and more as players at their table. But at the end of the day, Transplanar RPG is their main flame: the project they are most passionate about, with players they know, love, and trust. Growing Transplanar RPG is their top priority.

Sea Thomas (they/them) is a white nonbinary multidisciplinary performer. As a professional dancer, theatre-maker, and digital artist, Sea is the person who illustrates all of Transplanar RPG's official character artist. They're also Transplanar RPG's resident dramaturg: our DM consults Sea about narrative structure, character arcs, set pieces, and encounter design when prepping each week's session. As a dancer and experienced actor on the theatrical stage, Sea brings an energetic, fully embodied performance to their portrayal of Øka Hyye (they/them).

Erica Fladeland (she/her) is a white trans woman and full-time Twitch streamer living with chronic illness. She is constantly organizing charity streams and boosting other marginalized voices in Twitch streaming and TTRPGs. As a trained, professional clown, voice actor, and a queer theatre artist, Erica also brings a deeply textured, nuanced, and hilarious performance style to her portrayal of Vee Nauchtscherzo (she/her).

Max Guo (they/them) is a nonbinary Asian-American actor, dancer, and craftsperson in the TTRPG community. When they're not busy playing D&D, Max sells pride-themed masks and other goods in their Etsy shop and runs a dance troupe based out of Minneapolis. Max is also a prominent moderator and community manager of our Discord server and Twitch streams, and the care and attention they show our community is reflected in their thoughtful, intentional portrayal of Dewey Quurk (he/him).

Dare Hickman (she/they/neo) is a non-binary writer, sensitivity consultant, and performer with a strong drive to promote inclusivity. A perennial guest in the tabletop space, They absolutely love to promote charitable organizations & get eyes on a variety of projects. She’s also active behind the scenes as well, writing new games or helping others projects come to life as well, and this deep generosity of spirit and kindness is apparent in faer performance of Gentle (they/them).

Quinn B. Rodriguez (they/she) is a queer nonbinary chronically ill/disabled Latine writer, ENnie-nominated TTRPG designer, sensitivity reader, voice actor, and actual play-er with a penchant for 4D chess. Outside of tabletop, their interests lie in the intersection of theatre and identity, and in the deconstruction of art to serve the exploration of "otherness." Quinn brings an explosive emotionality to their portrayal of Citlalli (they/she).

Hamnah Shahid (any/all) is a queer, agender, Pakistani TTRPG performer. They thrive in telling tragic stories of love and horror with just the right amount of queer disaster mixed in. When not streaming or podcasting, they are a PhD student, labour rights activist, writer, dancer, and haver of too many hobbies and not enough time, and this deep intellect and thoughtfulness is apparent in their performance of Jaran Kader (they/he).

Sailor Austin (he/they/she) is a professional game designer, writer, and performer. When they aren’t doing these things they’re most likely working on their podcast, or working with clients as a therapist. Austin has worked on games such as: Brinkwood, Necronautilus, and is a designer for the upcoming Kids in Capes game. She brings a beautifully crafted presence and deep passion to their portrayal of Abiku Ishtar (she/her).